The Geography Adventure Continues on Kickstarter


Today, I officially launched the Kickstarter fundraising campaign for the new album of original songs that has been aching to be completed. Click on the link below to check out the cool video that filmmaker, Tony Rizzo, helped me create for the campaign. I was also fortunate to have Cyrus Moussavi from Raw Music International on my Kickstarter video dream team, and he contributed the live footage and still photography from the first recording session with engineer, Scott Steinman, at Studiomedia Recording Company in Evanston, Illinois. Listen to the six songs that have been recorded and mixed so far, and then join my dream team with a pledge and a shout out to your friends about the project.


Linda Tate – Geography – Kickstarter Campaign


A big thank you goes out to my first backers: Sheila Moussavi and Alita Tucker. You have 33 more days to join them!


Kickstarter is an amazing platform designed to showcase creative projects by all kinds of people. Artists, musicians, authors, inventors, and a cast of thousands have launched and funded their dreams on this site. I’m sure once you are there and have checked out my project, you will want to explore some of the other interesting pages.


It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a crowd to fund a dream. Welcome to Geography. Welcome to my Dream…



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