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  Geography      Linda Tate Music, 2013     

Daniel Healy, Jazz Educator and Journalist
“Geography, Linda Tate’s most recent release is a delectable boon. The disc features top-notch sultry vocals from Tate as well as a veritable spread of exotic compositions. Tate ably employs alluring harmonies, poignant melodies, and autobiographical lyrics. Performed by this superlative ensemble of musicians, Geography is an essential listening experience.”

Paul d’Amore, Composer/Songwriter/Producer
“…Harmonically rich, so intelligent, a musical spiritual world, lyrically poetic, rhythm/declamation perfect with the words and melody, great vocals that sit perfectly in the mix, wonderfully produced, a unique personal style, great musicians, beautifully crafted in the studio, there’s nothing not to like. I honestly think there’s a Grammy sound to the whole record. More than impressed here!”

Bob Nicosia, Music Man Blog
“Linda has produced a wonderful CD with songs that are fresh and inspiring.”

Neil Tesser, Chicago Jazz Music Examiner
“Tate sings in a light, clear contralto, with a gentle but sure swing, and in the course of her career she has developed a confident, playful style. Her penchant for smart lyric-reading has grown, too, but she sheathes it in clean, unfussy phrasing, which allows the occasional sharp insight to emerge as a surprise – and all the more welcome because of it. This time, though, the lyrics are her own, and you can hear the way she’s tailored them to her own approach. Geography ought to create some buzz in jazz circles. Tate’s backing band for the disc features a neat little list of Chicago all-stars; the band is worth supporting all on its own. Tate’s artistic evolution puts it over the top.”

Joanie Pallatto, Southport Records
“It has been inspiring to watch Linda Tate spread her creative wings. Her musicality, her voice, and her songwriting all seem to spring from deep within her heart, and her soul.”

Scott Steinman, Studiomedia Recording Company
“Terrific singer, excellent songwriting, great players, and tasteful production are the right elements for a successful, compelling album. I’m honored to be involved with the record.”

D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Magazine
“Chicago singer and songwriter, Linda Tate, expresses a global vision in Geography, a collection of original compositions about the distinct elements and also commonalities uncovered in her travels. Tate was a folk singer before engaging in jazz and her roots still resonate in clear articulation of the lyrics. Her voice is soft, inviting and surrounded by a strong band making this a good listen and a unique take. Our favorites are “Bumble Bee” and “Silent Stars.”

  We Speak Duke       Southport Records, 2003      

Scott Yanow, AMG All Music Guide
“Linda Tate’s tribute to the songs of Duke Ellington, We Speak Duke, is a typically swinging affair. Tate has an attractive voice and is an expert scat-singer.”

Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine
“Linda Tate has a pretty, velvety voice that sounds like it was made to navigate Ellington’s subtle melodies. This is a lot more than nostalgia. This is a tribute that really shines and sounds as ineffably cool as Mr. Ellington himself.”

Lee Prosser,
“If you are looking for a fine recording of songs by Duke Ellington sung by a fine jazz vocalist, then the release of the CD collection titled We Speak Duke will fill the bill completely!”

  Time, Seasons and the Moon       Southport Records, 2000      

 Regina Harris Baiocchi, Author of Indigo Sound
“Time, Seasons and the Moon is hauntingly reminiscent of all the ancient secrets that ache to be whispered.”

Neil Tesser, Chicago Reader
“Chicago singer Linda Tate has a voice like buckwheat honey: sweet but with substance, and just a little dark. In addition, she’s got a terrific ear, exacting intonation, and a burgeoning talent for framing her material in simple but memorable arrangements.”

Frank Rubolino, Cadence Magazine
“The ballad is her forte and she conveys the message of romance in an effortless fashion. She establishes an interpersonal relationship with the songs. It is a fine example of inspired lyricism.”

Lee Prosser,
“Linda Tate is one of the finest, smoothest vocalists performing in contemporary jazz, and this CD showcases her sweet, clear voice. She is one of the most expressive, subtle vocalists in the jazz world.”

John Barrett,
“(Her voice) caresses the lyric in breathy excitement. Some words are trilled and others are kissed – Linda Tate is an old-style romantic. You leave this disc with a smile and the hope that her seasons will be long.”

Alex Henderson, AMG All Music Guide
“Linda Tate has a lot going for her – not only an impressive range, but also an abundance of warmth and charm. The Chicago-based jazz vocalist is easy to like.”

Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene
“Linda Tate has a distinctive voice, a very appealing way of phrasing lyrics and is always in tune. She respects the original themes (often sticking close to the melodies) while still making the standards she performs sound like her own.”

  We Belong Together       Southport Records, 1996       

Doug Collier, The Boone County Journal
“Tate’s music lifts you and takes the listener through a journey of introspection and one will be absorbed by her love for singing and jazz. Her smooth, toneful voice nourishes the soul and leaves one with feelings of hope.”

Lucia Mauro, Oak Park Oak Leaves
“Her new CD includes mesmerizing, experimental arrangements. Noteworthy are those by Oak Park pianist Bradley Williams, who is featured on the swing standard ‘I’m Beginning to See the Light’ and the dreamy ballad, ‘Lazy Afternoon.’”

Alex Henderson, AMG All Music Guide
“Southport Records has often been great about turning the spotlight on talented Chicago jazz artists who were little known outside of their city. In 1996, one such artist was Linda Tate, an expressive and charming singer whose main influences include Sarah Vaughan and Dianne Reeves.”

Sandra J. Kimmel, The Wednesday Journal
“Listening to her sparkling voice on her recording and talking with Linda Tate about her career, it is clear she loves singing, and jazz is her muse.”

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