Linda Tate currently has the following four CDs in distribution. Most recent is the new, independently-produced album of her original songs, Geography.



Geography marks Tate’s continued growth as a singer: with each album she emerges as an even more compelling and self-assured performer, by turns kittenish, sharp, sexy, and soulful, and fully equipped to convey all the moods and meanings in her songs.

-Neil Tesser,

We Speak Duke

Do we need another album of Duke Ellington songs? When it sounds as good as this one, do you really have to ask?

-Neil Tesser, Host, Miles Ahead, 1240 & 1470 AM Chicago

Time Seasons & the Moon

Linda Tate harnesses time and the elements in this exquisite salute to the varied rhythms of nature.

-Lucia Mauro, Chicago Tribune 

We Belong Together

. . . an expressive and charming singer whose main influences include Sarah Vaughan and Dianne Reeves. We Belong Together is a jazz CD first and foremost.

-Alex Henderson, All Music Guide 

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