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Final Kickstarter Update


With a hint of bittersweet and also a bit of relief at having completed the first phase of my Geography album journey, I posted my final Kickstarter Update. I will be continuing to update everyone on my progress through this blog and also through a new monthly newsletter I am setting up. Thank you again to all my Kickstarter dream team members who helped keep me on task and are making the journey such a pleasure as I move ahead.



Thank You To All My Kickstarter Supporters


I am happy to report that on March 7th, my Kickstarter campaign reached 100% funding. Support continued to come in until the deadline on March 11th, and we crossed the finish line with 119 backers who funded 103% of the project. In addition, there were a number of backers who supported me outside of the Kickstarter platform. I would like to personally thank all of you who became members of my dream team. Here is the public acknowledgement of your generosity, and I look forward to keeping you up to date as I complete my new album!


Sheila Moussavi, Alita Tucker, Suzanne and Dan Lavin, Karyn and Carl Pettigrew, Brian Chambers, Tony Morrison, Rosetta Cash, Cheryl Fort, Cynthia Watson, Erica and Krishnan Chandrasekhar, Hong and Steve Brunner, Lynn and Curtis Cave, Reynold and Joan Ruffins, Wendy McGuire, Lonna and Stan Picker, Jeanne Ashe, Hannah Vakili, Hillary Krantz and Jay Longo, Rael Willis, Bill and Pam Simpkins, Linda Solotaire, Avram Gimbel, Carol Barnett, Shelley and Jerry Levitt, Dina Epperson, Joycelyn Johnson, Jacquie Litto and Mel Fischer, Elizabeth Richter, Jeff Still, Maxine Gere, Jeanne Delamar Cumby, Patricia Trotter, Ione Graves, Valencia Ray, Judy and Roger Wallenstein, Dawan Sadrud-Din, Sharon and Harry Lubetsky, Linda Parks, Patricia Wilhite, Robert Chi, Sue and Tom McNeil, Dee and Ben Hanich, Leyla Saleh and Farzad Moussavi, Candace Hunter, Beth Rosenthal, Tannaz Fakheri and Faramarz Vakilizadeh, Karen Hobbs, Jasmine Cousins, Judi K Jazz, Sandy and Shel Salinger, Stephen Ruffins, Jennie Mingolelli, Frank and Cheryl Mitrick, Kristyn and Doug Friske, Sousan and Farid Manshadi, Rich and Ellen David, Teresa M Rupprecht, Golnar and Russell Buchanan, Harriet and Gary Peck, Beth Watson, Pat Ziegenfuss, Jenny Hills, Francesca Amari Satjar, Steve and Adrianne Salinger, Laura and Ed Gale, Susan Anderson, Cyrus Moussavi, Keith and Christine Lewis, Willie Goodness and Bob Shandor, Katrina and Arthur Bias, Leann Abraham, Noel Gardner, Michael and Frances Topa, Robyn Shapiro, Dominick and Janet Ramos, Mikah Wilson, Teri and Lyle Martinson, Pam Castellanos, Miriam Rios, Dennis and Sandra Kay, Nancy Stinson Harris, Maurine and Brian Dennis, Rena Henderson Mason, Eileen Mulrenin, Dolores Cross, Marcus Burks, Yesi Thompson, Dan Banks, Maya Kuper, Sam Oboh, Eugenia Elliott, Maya Gruen, Tom Ryan and Charles Kralovec, Sharon and Dick Adams, Taja Beane, Linda White and Bob Nickolson, Beverly Geary, Margaret Murphy-Webb, Maggie Mnayer, Marlene Vellinga, Cheryl Hart and Tom Becker, Lisa Forman Neall, Conni Pressman, John Weeks, Kristian Moore, Mary-Anne and Athol Brander, Robert and Linda Waago, Lisa Lockett, Lisa Levitt and Dennis Prime, Kathleen Humphries, Joanie and Ken Barousse, Delvert Cole, Michael Gray, Edith Lewis, Steve Hill, Jeffrey and Learetta Walker, Diane Elliston, Robert Loren, Henry and Joyce Freund, Barbara and Murray Snyder, Robert and Suzanne Schuwerk, Rachelle Yousefi, Maureen Dempsey, Ken and Theresa Ivaska, Bert and Phyllis Greene, Juanita and George Brooks, Liz and Davey Snyder, Susie and John McClory, Lee and Joan Basson, Bob and Mary Ann Pelstring, Judy Sternberg, Myrna and Jerry Wacknov, Bob and Julia Dowling.



The Geography Adventure Continues on Kickstarter


Today, I officially launched the Kickstarter fundraising campaign for the new album of original songs that has been aching to be completed. Click on the link below to check out the cool video that filmmaker, Tony Rizzo, helped me create for the campaign. I was also fortunate to have Cyrus Moussavi from Raw Music International on my Kickstarter video dream team, and he contributed the live footage and still photography from the first recording session with engineer, Scott Steinman, at Studiomedia Recording Company in Evanston, Illinois. Listen to the six songs that have been recorded and mixed so far, and then join my dream team with a pledge and a shout out to your friends about the project.


Linda Tate – Geography – Kickstarter Campaign


A big thank you goes out to my first backers: Sheila Moussavi and Alita Tucker. You have 33 more days to join them!


Kickstarter is an amazing platform designed to showcase creative projects by all kinds of people. Artists, musicians, authors, inventors, and a cast of thousands have launched and funded their dreams on this site. I’m sure once you are there and have checked out my project, you will want to explore some of the other interesting pages.


It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a crowd to fund a dream. Welcome to Geography. Welcome to my Dream…



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