The Gift of Music


Celebrate the holidays with the gift of music! Download any of my albums and 100% of your purchase price will be donated to Reading in Motion, a stellar Chicago-based non-profit organization which uses the arts to teach at-risk primary grade students how to read.

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Linda Tate Music

Thank you for sharing the love and may your holidays be filled with peace and blessings!



New Musical Project


We had a great rehearsal last week for my new recording project, “Map of the Heart.” I created arrangements for three of my original songs featuring voice, string quartet, soprano sax and flute, and percussion. Featuring Jim Gailloreto, Sax and Flute, Carmen Llop Kassinger, Violin I, Carol Kalvonjian, Violin II, Benton Wedge, Viola, Jill Kaeding, Cello and Ernie Adams, Percussion. Filmed by Anthony Rizzo, TR Media.

Group Shot 081915Rehearsal 081915

Happy New Year!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, and I want to wish each and every one of you a very happy and healthy new year!


The past year has flown and has been filled with its share of joy and sadness. The world is a little bit emptier since the transition of three very close ones. James Willis, my son’s father, left us in January, my dear friend and neighbor, Joe McDermott, departed in April, and my lovely cousin, Joan Ruffins, joined the angels at the end of May. Though I am saddened by their loss, I feel their presence and warm smiles in every shining star.


I am grateful for a very creative year where I released a new album of original songs into the world. I was fortunate to be able to celebrate with friends in different parts of the United States at three different events. In September 2012, I serenaded a group of friends in a pre-release party at The Cellar in Waterloo, Iowa. In January 2013, I celebrated with friends at a CD Release Concert at Vicky’s of Santa Fe in Indian Wells, California.  Finally, in July 2013, I celebrated with family and friends at my official Chicago CD Release Concert at Katerina’s with some of the musicians who performed on the album.


I had the opportunity to produce another music video, which was filmed on October 12, 2013 in Lincoln Park in Chicago. Featuring the song, Geography, and two amazing dancers, it will be released very soon so stay tuned! Here is a photo of the cast and crew featuring from left to right Anthony Rizzo, Director/Cinematographer/Editor, yours truly, Rebecca Marie Faria, Dancer/Choreographer, Devin DeAndre Buchanan, Dancer/Choreographer, and Wendy Santeliz, Production Assistant and Still Photographer.


Anthony Rizzo, Linda Tate, Rebecca Marie Faria, Devin DeAndre Buchanan, Wendy Santeliz

Anthony Rizzo, Linda Tate, Rebecca Marie Faria, Devin DeAndre Buchanan, Wendy Santeliz


The Journey for Peace Continues


Thank you to everyone who joined me at the Online Gathering for Peace. If you are on Facebook, you can see all the wonderful posts of music, art, poetry, quotes, videos, photographs and messages that different people shared.


I believe peace comes to the planet one person at a time, and the journey continues with every one of us who does anything to live and promote peace. I am moved by one man’s effort to promote peace that has expanded in an incredible outpouring of love from many unexpected places. Watch the TED video presentation of Ronny Edry’s simple yet profound contribution by clicking the link below:



Israel and Iran: A love story?





taste, touch, see, hear, feel, look out, look in, take the plunge into all the senses, surround yourself, fill yourself up, breathe, smell, move, stretch, listen, silence, noise, loud, soft, bright, dim, shade, sun, warm and cool, hands and feet, heart and mind, soul and salvation, uncensored, alive, aware, a-w-a-r-e, at all times, in all places, open expectation, drinking life, handfuls, passionate, grasping, letting go, watching, waiting, what will happen next, who will appear, what will I see, what music will fill my ears, conversations, commitments, cavalier, costs nothing, everything, give it all up, take it all back, reach out, dig in, sanctify your space, satisfy your desire, it is there to experience if you are aware, go wherever, come back again, sink down, lift up, spin around and around in circles, global, local, right next door and far away, running, walking, skipping, dancing, jumping, falling, failing, flailing, filtering and unfaltering, genius and emptiness, flashes of insight, darkness and objects turning into other things with just a word or two, imagination at the bottom of a well, a lake of sound ripples across a desert landscape, and a mountain rises behind me, in the distance a coyote stretches its neck and howls to the sky, aware of nothing and everything, i am alive in a small space, fingers twitch and eyes observe the simple and complex, the similar and strange, a diamond, a sapphire, a piece of concrete, aware.



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