The Journey for Peace Continues


Thank you to everyone who joined me at the Online Gathering for Peace. If you are on Facebook, you can see all the wonderful posts of music, art, poetry, quotes, videos, photographs and messages that different people shared.


I believe peace comes to the planet one person at a time, and the journey continues with every one of us who does anything to live and promote peace. I am moved by one man’s effort to promote peace that has expanded in an incredible outpouring of love from many unexpected places. Watch the TED video presentation of Ronny Edry’s simple yet profound contribution by clicking the link below:



Israel and Iran: A love story?



The Source


The source of all creativity, imagination, and inspiration resides in awareness. It is the conscious process of observation, of feeling, of listening, of exploration that feeds the work of every artist, every painter, sculptor, musician, vocalist, composer, writer, dancer, chef, designer, healer, actor, architect, photographer, and anyone who makes or does anything creative. Awareness puts us in contact with our muse, the beginning, the middle, and the endless. It enriches the search for meaning. It sparks the ever-present, at our fingertips, nudge to do, be, go, see. It encourages us to be playful. It presents the question “what if?” and urges us to find out what will happen if the “what” is made manifest.


As we challenge ourselves to be aware, sensitive and present in each moment, let’s share some of what we discover as we observe, feel, listen, and explore.


I encourage you to use this as an interactive, artistic space where we can share ideas about creativity, imagination, and inspiration. What we are creating, how we are creating, and where it all comes from.





taste, touch, see, hear, feel, look out, look in, take the plunge into all the senses, surround yourself, fill yourself up, breathe, smell, move, stretch, listen, silence, noise, loud, soft, bright, dim, shade, sun, warm and cool, hands and feet, heart and mind, soul and salvation, uncensored, alive, aware, a-w-a-r-e, at all times, in all places, open expectation, drinking life, handfuls, passionate, grasping, letting go, watching, waiting, what will happen next, who will appear, what will I see, what music will fill my ears, conversations, commitments, cavalier, costs nothing, everything, give it all up, take it all back, reach out, dig in, sanctify your space, satisfy your desire, it is there to experience if you are aware, go wherever, come back again, sink down, lift up, spin around and around in circles, global, local, right next door and far away, running, walking, skipping, dancing, jumping, falling, failing, flailing, filtering and unfaltering, genius and emptiness, flashes of insight, darkness and objects turning into other things with just a word or two, imagination at the bottom of a well, a lake of sound ripples across a desert landscape, and a mountain rises behind me, in the distance a coyote stretches its neck and howls to the sky, aware of nothing and everything, i am alive in a small space, fingers twitch and eyes observe the simple and complex, the similar and strange, a diamond, a sapphire, a piece of concrete, aware.



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