New Music Video On YouTube


I spent most of the summer working on the first music video for the Geography album. It is based on a song I wrote in Spanish – Cuando Tendremos Paz (When Will We Have Peace). You can watch it on YouTube and you can download the song and the album from my BandCamp store. It features murals from around the city of Chicago and a cast of more than 30 friends and family members. Anthony Rizzo was the director/cinematographer/editor, and the project was partially supported by a Community Arts Assistance Program grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.



Geography Is Ready To Go And I Am Officially Digital


I’ve spent the last few weeks sending out promo copies and Kickstarter reward copies of Geography, and I’ve created a new way for you to listen to and buy all of my albums. As a result of numerous friendly prompts from fans, I have finally joined this rapidly moving digital age. Now, in addition to buying physical CDs, you can actually download digital copies of each album, as well as individual songs. Each album comes with its own pdf e-book containing the album art, credits, liner notes, and for Geography, the e-book also contains the song lyrics.


I am still getting my website up to speed, but in the meantime, you can go directly to my BandCamp store and check out the music!


Next stop, Twitter… Don’t laugh. I have my “handle” – ltjazz, and surprisingly, all of my Facebook Fan Page posts have been showing up there. I’m sure I must have clicked something that linked them somehow, but things happen so quickly that nowadays, if I blink, I end up somewhere else!



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