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Lately, I have been clearing my space to make room for more creativity and inspiration when I came upon something from August 10, 1998. It reminded me about the value of everyday laughter as a tool for maintaining a positive mental attitude and as a source of inspiration for creative pursuits. The simple act of actually finding a random piece of paper I had saved from 1998 made me laugh at myself for being such a pack rat, but what is on the paper was worth reading again and definitely worth sharing. It’s from a time when I had been a subscriber to a website that emails its subscribers a joke a day. I went back there and signed up again because I believe whenever we can lighten up and laugh more, something good is bound to happen. So thank you to for the following:


Kids Finishing Sayings


A first grade teacher collected old, well-known proverbs. She gave each kid in her class the first half of a proverb and had them come up with the rest.


Better Be Safe Than… Punch A 5th Grader.


It’s Always Darkest Before… Daylight Savings Time.


Strike While The… Bug Is Close.


Never Underestimate The Power Of… Termites.


You Can Lead A Horse To Water But… How?


Don’t Bite The Hand That… Looks Dirty.


No News Is… Impossible.


A Miss Is As Good As A… Mr.


You Can’t Teach An Old Dog… New Math.


If You Lie Down With The Dogs, You’ll… Stink In The Morning.


Love All, Trust… Me.


The Pen Is Mightier Than The… Pigs.


An Idle Mind Is… The Best Way To Relax.


Where There’s Smoke, There’s… Pollution.


Happy The Bride Who… Gets All The Presents!


A Penny Saved Is… Not Much.


Two’s Company, Three’s… The Musketeers.


Don’t Put Off Tomorrow What… You Put On To Go To Bed.


Laugh And The Whole World Laughs With You, Cry And… You Have To Blow Your Nose.


Children Should Be Seen And Not… Spanked Or Grounded.


If At First You Don’t Succeed… Get New Batteries.


You Get Out Of Something What You… See Pictured On The Box.


When The Blind Leadeth The Blind… Get Out Of The Way.


There is No Fool Like… Aunt Edie.



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