Scraps of Paper


I am a paper pack rat. There… I’ve come clean. Is there a 12-Step Group for those of us who save every small scrap of paper just in case we might need it someday? At some point each year I get fed up and say, “Enough!” I reached that point yesterday and so I’m spending the weekend de-cluttering my office of all the extra stuff I’ve collected over the past year.


I’m taking a moment to reflect on how busy I’ve been and stepping back to observe how far I’ve come since the beginning of the year when I was only part-way done with my new album and initiating my Kickstarter Campaign. The quotes below were on scraps of paper that I found while cleaning. I wonder what other goodies are going to show up today?


Be with what is and appreciate each experience for the lessons it brings:

“There once was a man who chased rainbows, reached for the clouds, and tried to catch the wind. It is far better to find the rainbow within yourself – and as for the clouds, let them be, for they are only ours for a moment – and we can never catch the wind.” – Anonymous


A wise Navajo saying:

“The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.”



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