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I believe each of us can do something to make the world a better place. My gift is music and I would like to use my gift to help create a world where everyone has access to adequate resources and education.


Currently, I have four CDs available for purchase: Geography, Linda Tate Music 2013; We Belong Together, Southport 1996; Time, Seasons and the Moon, Southport 2000; and We Speak Duke, Southport 2003.


I will donate the CDs I would normally sell myself and any money collected from their sale to Educational World Charities, a Chicago-based 501(c)(3) corporation. You can purchase your CDs from this non-profit organization directly or from me in person, at my concerts, and on my website. Educational World Charities will donate $5 from each CD sold to one or more of the following Chicago area charities.


Aunt Martha’s Youth Service Center
Since 1972, Aunt Martha’s Youth Service Center has been like a caring relative to whom children, youth and families can turn to for support, guidance and healing. Serving 16,000 people annually in Chicago and the collar counties, Aunt Martha’s is committed to building safe communities, healthy families, responsible teens and thriving children.


Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing
Founded in 1980, Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing believes that all persons have a right to safe, decent, and affordable housing on a non-discriminatory basis. LCBH promotes the availability of and access to such housing and supports low and moderate-income households in Chicago through legal representation, individual and public advocacy, supportive social services and education.


Mercy Housing Lakefront
Evolving from a small Chicago north side neighborhood organization in 1985, Mercy Housing Lakefront is committed to ending homelessness as a matter of social justice. As part of a national organization, it advocates for and provides quality permanent supportive housing for adults and families in Illinois and Wisconsin who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless.


Thresholds is the nation’s premier psychiatric recovery center. Since 1959 Thresholds has been a recognized leader and pioneer opening the doors of opportunity to people with mental illness. It has helped thousands of individuals with mental illness live with dignity and independence.


Reading In Motion
Reading In Motion, formerly known as Whirlwind, was founded in 1983 and partners with teachers to improve urban children’s language arts and learning skills through the arts. All of Reading In Motion’s programs are centered around two successful curricula which have been proven effective in improving a child’s ability to read.


About Educational World Charities

Educational World Charities was founded in 1999 by my husband, Michael D. Lewis, and me. We wanted to find a way to support organizations engaged in providing prevention services and thus assist in the empowerment of men, women and children not only in our community but throughout the world.


The remainder of the money from the sale of the CDs will be used by Educational World Charities to further its mission which is to be “partners in prevention.” Our organization will make direct grants to agencies and sponsor events designed to raise awareness for issues relating to mental and physical health concerns and the welfare and education of children. The outcome of the prevention of homelessness, hunger, injustice, lack of access to adequate healthcare and education is the empowerment of each individual to express his or her talent and make a contribution to our world.


Together we can make this dream a reality. Please share this idea with anyone you feel may be interested in participating. Bring beautiful music into your life and the lives of friends and loved ones and at the same time do something which benefits our society. We live in community and in order to sustain our community it is up to each of us to contribute what we can. Mother Teresa spoke these life changing words: “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”


Please check out my music in the Sounds & CDs section of this website. On the Buy CDs page you can order CDs securely online.


Thank you and may your life be filled with peace, love, good health and abundance.



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