We Belong Together – Doug Collier, The Boone County Journal


As you’re driving along, wishing you had your baby sitting beside you, just pop in Linda Tate’s We Belong Together and you will feel the warmth and love your heart desires after just a few notes. Tate’s music lifts you and takes the listener through a journey of introspection and one will be absorbed by her love for singing and jazz. Her smooth toneful voice nourishes the soul and leaves one feelings of hope. The band does an exceptional job on this disc climaxing and cooling down with effortless synergy. Band members include Southport veterans Bradley Williams – piano, Dave Onderdonk – guitar, Michael Zerang – percussion, Mark Walker – percussion, John Whitfield – bass and Sparrow – piano. It took two years to finalize this project and, thankfully, they took their time, because this CD is timeless.

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