Time, Seasons and the Moon – John Barrett, JazzUSA.com


You could call her voice delicate; it caresses the lyric in breathy excitement. Some words are trilled, others are kissed – Linda Tate is an old-style romantic. “I Wished On The Moon” gets a bossa bounce: as Linda clicks her tongue, Richie Fudoli shrieks on the flute. His solo is earthy and overblown – works well with Linda’s calm. She gives a languid sigh to “’Tis Autumn”, a feeling shared by Johnny Frigo’s violin. (You’ll love Fudoli’s solo, his tenor is worthy of Lester.)


When brushes slap through “Just In Time”, Linda gives it a Peggy Lee smolder; heat rises, and the passionflower blooms. But it’s nothing compared to “I Concentrate On You”: Steve Eisen blows a warm tenor, Paulinho Garcia sings softly as his guitar ripples. It’s the Getz/Gilberto sound; when Linda enters, it’s a burst of pure sunshine. Give this a listen when you’re on vacation…or when you want to be.


Her band is always changing, from duos up to seven pieces. Arrangements can be minimal (“From This Moment On” has a straightforward vocal and arrhythmic surroundings) or euphoric (“Moonlight In Vermont” is a deep pool of sound.) “My Favorite Things” rushes by, bouncy and soft; “Falling Grace” has Garcia’s sweet vocal, and a lyric in Portuguese! She flutters on “Where Or When”, high above the tangy bassline – then she turns sultry, which helps a lot. The final “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” has a trumpet-like voice, and a dash of good soul-jazz. Bradley Williams boogies a fine solo, inspiring Linda’s best scat. You leave this disc with a smile, and the hope that her seasons will be long.

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